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PTC offer products of the biggest international companies in their field, such as TrippLite (USA), Newave (Switzerland), ARTronic (Turkey), HBL (India), STATRON (Switzerland), RITAR (USA), IREM (Italy), ORTEA (Italy) etc.. the leaders worldwide in their respective fields, and many other companies.

We represent most of the companies we deal with in Syria as sole partner and authorized service center, while for very few of them, we work closely in projects based on our know-how and technical background to ensure that our customer would get the best product quality vs optimum after sales support available in the country.

Below is a quick list of the products categories with cover in our scope of supply/services:

Modulare UPSs - UPSCALE

UPS - Uninterruptable Power Supply

Most businesses today are totally reliant on highly sensitive electronics, Computers and communication networks; and industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing depend heavily on electrical control and monitoring equipment. The only certain way of protecting your investment against power quality problems is to install a UPS and PTC is your insurance policy to have full protection …

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Alternative Power Source (APS)

You home cannot be out of power any more, you can keep watching TV, have your lights on and your get cold drinks from your fridge even when your neighbors are sitting in the dark or using candles …….This product is designed to offer none-stop alternative power for several hours according to your requirements using …

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AVR family

AVRs - Automatic Voltage stabilizers

Our voltage stabilizers are specifically designed for industrial application (Harsh electrical environment, very low service requirement), therefore they are characterized by a very high reliability and quality level, that can hardly be found in similar equipment. Accurate and severe tests on each system and the use of high technologies permit our products to achieve an …

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Lighting Control Systems

Used for streets and tunnels control of lighting systems to ensure the best power saving while keeping the compliance according to the European & international standards. The energy consumption in the lighting sector, whether in public lighting or private users, constitutes a high percentage of the total energy used. Energy saving and light pollution are …

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Industrial Rectifier

Rectifiers - Rectifier/chargers (AC to DC systems)

These systems are the base supply for all telecom equipment, Process Control, Emergency Lighting, Switch Gear Protection, Engine Starting and Power Station Control that require DC supply. Telecom rectifiers/chargers are known to use 48V DC output supply to feed the telecom equipment with DC power and at the same time charge a huge battery bank …

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Battery Bank

Batteries - Battery Banks

Nickle Cadmium or Lead Acid ….. Whatever you need as batteries for your systems, we are the specialists. The Sealed Lead Acid – Valve Regulated type batteries (VRLA) are the best choice for low serviceability and constant performance. Eurobat standard is the main guideline to rank the design expected life time of the VRLA batteries. …

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Data Center design

Data Center infrastructure products

With our expertise and certified staff in DataCenter infrastructure design, we are able to help you building your Data Center according to international standard of TIA942 and best practices in the field. We can design your entire Data Center infrastructure: floor layout, raised floor, cabinets spread over tiles, HVAC system, main and UPS power scheme, …

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Mobile Energy & Data Transmission

As a daughter company of the Giant: DELACHEAUX group, Conductix-Wampfler is the world’s leading supplier of mobile energy supply and data transmission systems. Conductix-Wampfler’s core competence lies in the development & production of solutions that provide tailor-made answers for all questions to do with energy supply and data transmission for moving consumers. All the above …

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SOHO Gensets

SOHO Diesel Genset with electronically stabilized output for compatibility with office/Home/Clinic electronic equipment 5KW Max / 4.5KW Continues output power Silent operation with original canopy Economic operation with variable consumption vs load level 220V electronically stabilized output Electrical startup key for ease of operation After sales support and spare parts availability Warrantee for 600 hours …

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