AVRs – Automatic Voltage stabilizers

Our voltage stabilizers are specifically designed for industrial application (Harsh electrical environment, very low service requirement), therefore they are characterized by a very high reliability and quality level, that can hardly be found in similar equipment. Accurate and severe tests on each system and the use of high technologies permit our products to achieve an MTBF (mean time between failures) of 500,000 hours.
A wide range of models are available to cover your needs, with power varying from 1 kVA to 2500 kVA. all the offered products conform to the requirements of the following standards: Electromagnetic Compatibility 89/336/EEC and following amendments; Low Voltage Electrical Equipment 73/23/EEC and following amendments.

Automatic Voltage Regulators (servo-mechanical based stabilizers) are a very reliable and economical method of stabilizing mains voltage variations of up to 50% (both symmetrical up to ±25%, and asymmetrical up to +15% -35%). Our offering of voltage regulators are based on the control
of a motorized variable auto-transformer and are used for many applications in industrial plants, commerce, hospitals, electrical-discharge machining (EDM), electro erosion machining, CN-controlled machines with CO2 laser, water-jet cutting, big transmitters radio & TV stations, GSM & UMTS mobile phone plants for telecommunications, agricultural breeding plants, airports, numerical controls for machine tools and robotics, lifts, escalators and other horizontal transportation systems, oil industry & petrol stations, etc.

The Automatic Voltage Regulator consists in a fully electronic control circuit, a servomotor, a variable auto-transformer and a buck boost transformer on each phase. This system allows an independent regulation of the output voltage on each phase. The products use a proven technology that combines solid electrical engineering with electronic sensing and control to give a continuous, smooth and very stable output voltage with an accuracy of ±1%. The regulation of the output voltage is true RMS therefore the voltage regulator is unaffected by possible harmonic distortions present on the supplying line.

Servo-mechanical voltage stabilizers does not need particular maintenance or greasing of the moving parts, which depending on the application will require a small amount of low-level maintenance after a long period of time.

Even with moving parts, they are a far more reliable method of stabilizing voltages than electronic tap changing techniques, which due to surges and transients on the mains supply are prone to failure.

The long-life and low cost of ownership makes servo-mechanical stabilizers a very economical and reliable solution.