Alternative Power Source (APS)

You home cannot be out of power any more, you can keep watching TV, have your lights on and your get cold drinks from your fridge even when your neighbors are sitting in the dark or using candles ;) …….This product is designed to offer none-stop alternative power for several hours according to your requirements using electronic systems and batteries as power storage.

A complete all in one system, composed of an inverter with automatic line-to-Inverter transfer and integrated huge charging system serves as an extended run UPS, a standalone power source that can grant you long hours of runtime using suitable power storage batteries.

When AC input is energized, main power passes through to connected equipment and the battery set is recharged via 3 stage, high current charging system that is mean to deal with all kind of batteries (Gel or Vented types).  The APS system responds to blackouts and severe voltage fluctuations with a near instantaneous automatic transfer of the load to the inverter fed from the battery.

As for the high end servers & telecom devices, We offer a special designed UPS system with On Line Double Conversion operation to offer complete protection for your sensitive loads during presence of public network and continuous clean power for hours of back up (customizable according to the customer’s need).

Silent, automatic, smoke-free and with no need for expensive consumables (Petrol, Filters, spare parts, etc…), Our systems are your best choice compared to a small generator.