Batteries – Battery Banks

Nickle Cadmium or Lead Acid ….. Whatever you need as batteries for your systems, we are the specialists.

The Sealed Lead Acid – Valve Regulated type batteries (VRLA) are the best choice for low serviceability and constant performance.

Eurobat standard is the main guideline to rank the design expected life time of the VRLA batteries. According to your application and available resources, you can choose between 5 years or 10years or 12 years or ever more.

Also VRLA batteries are made with 2 technologies: even using AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) or Gel as electrolyte. Depend on the type of application, we would help you choosing the best technology to fit your needs.

Nickel Cadmium is the other choice for batteries available. From the biggest international manufacturers in this field, PTC is able to offer this solution to fit your Genset for start-up, or to suit your rectifier for several hours backup for DC control supply in the Oil & Gaz applications.

Also as one of the leaders in this field, PTC offer the services of battery bank testing with the most modern testing meters that is able to give you a detailed report about your battery blocks or battery cells including internal resistance reading and actual capacity metering. This testing would be your best way to monitor your battery banks and be able to predict any potential failure in one or more cells in advance and plan your budget for battery replacement without any surprise.